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Divisional SSI Game
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NOTE: Oct-Dec 2014 Trading Posts and Newsletters are being mailed late in the week of Sept 15th.
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Emerson Cheveron Book
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Many of you have been asking the Editor about the progress of Emerson's new, updated Chevrons book. Here it is! You can't find the first one, yet the material from his first book is in here, but better. There are many more photos, some photos were replaced by better ones, there is more substantive text than in the first one, better charts, more charts, everything you can think of. If you have found yourself wishing that you had bought the first one, you're in luck -this one is BETTER!


Sign up for a digital subscription to ASMIC and you can read The Trading Post and Newsletter as Digital Flipbooks, viewed or downloaded from the website 4 times a year. Each digital version offers go-anywhere convenience and earlier delivery than the print version. Plus, at only $25.00, you'll save more than 35% off the hardcopy membership price. Save even more (almost 70%) if you live outside the U.S. and don't have an APO/FPO address. Apply now and get an incredible deal and added convenience.
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The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors (ASMIC) is the oldest and largest organization of collectors of military insignia in the world. Founded in 1937 by a small group of enthusiasts and chartered as a non-profit organization, today the Society is 'home' to nearly 2,000 dedicated collectors in the United States and two dozen foreign countries. Whether you are a collector of military insignia or a student of heraldry or military history, whether an expert or novice, you will find membership in ASMIC educational and enjoyable. Membership has many advantages.

ASMIC publishes a quarterly journal entitled The Trading Post and a Newsletter. "The Post" provides a wide-range of information on many aspects of U.S. and foreign insignia.  Articles from members, illustrations of both old and new cloth and metal emblems appear in each issue.  New and unusual patches and distinctive insignia (DIs) are illustrated in full-color front and back covers. Unidentified Insignia are covered in a separate column in The Trading Post

The Newsletter brings word of insignia and dress items for trade or sale via classified and display ads. Society members rely on the Newsletter to advertise for insignia they wish to include in their collections and for announcements of regional and national insignia and militaria shows.

The ASMIC Library contains nearly 1,000 reference sources available for loan to members.  These publication range from back issues of "The Post," identification catalogs published by the Society, books, and documents concerned with insignia and their development.  Journals of other collector and militaria organizations can also be borrowed from the ASMIC Library

ASMIC also possesses over 20,000 line drawings of military insignia, including detailed descriptions of known variations. Many of these appear in the Society's shoulder patch and distinctive insignia identification catalogs. One of the advantages of ASMIC membership is that these catalogs are available to members at a discount. Importantly, membership in the Society also includes the opportunity to contact over 2,000 other collectors interested in trading, selling, or "talking" insignia.

ASMIC is the source for expertise. Libraries and museums contact us on a continual basis. Most of the articles include reference sources. You will not find articles in which the author says "I think this is what it is" or "Maybe this is what it is". There are other sources of information, but we are the source for:
1) Accuracy,
2) Knowledge,
3) Historical significance, and
4) Expertise

These are all qualities that make us what we are and what we are known for and what we "sell". We have a long established reputation bar none, and you can't find what we offer anywhere else.

Can you afford to continue to pay the prices for inaccurately identified insignia when they are still offered for sale?
Recently, we have published new, accurate information that corrects the misidentifications for the following cloth insignia:

1) Japan War Crimes Trials SSI (Scale, three stars, lightning bolt and "sword")
2) 1st Bn, 23rd Infantry PP ("Mountain Goats")
3) 24th Cavalry Division SSI (Rosebud on stirrup)
4) W.A.S.P. SSI (Insect and letters)
5) 442nd Anti-Tank Bn (four roses in a bunch on yellow shield, and another shield with a red rose in green and yellow panels - total of four roses)
6) Rykuyu Command (three stars on blue panel, sealion holding sword, red and white stripes)

Sure, it's your money - but why allow some dealer(s) to take advantage of you? Educate yourself - you and your wallet will be glad you did.

Membership in the Society is thus well worth the cost of the membership fee.

ASMIC offers a first time 1 year domestic membership discount to adults, students and/or Scouts of $30.
Special attention Scouts - membership will assist you in obtaining your Collector's Merit Badge.
CLICK HERE to join!
ASMIC 2015 Tri-Convention
Dayton, OH

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