ASMIC Military Show and Convention

I contacted the team at the Fayetteville Fairgrounds last week, after I saw the announcement that the MAX show was being cancelled. Since they were the week after us, I crossed my fingers and sent the email. Unfortunately, the response is what I was expecting. The Fairgrounds did not say flat out that we had to cancel the show, what they said was they had to wait and see what the Governor of North Carolina announces in the next three weeks. I asked them to shoot straight and they thought it was probably best if we rescheduled for next year.

So I have committed that ASMIC will still hold it’s annual show in Fayetteville, it just won’t be this year. We have rescheduled for September 9-11, 2021.

If you have already paid and would like to roll the payment over to next year, we can easily do that and thank you. If you want a refund please contact me and we will get it figured out. Most all the payments we have received have already been paid to the fairgrounds, but we will try and figure something out that won’t hurt the society’s finances.

Again, I am very sorry to have to make this announcement, as I am sure a lot of us were looking forward to seeing friends, adding items to collections, and just returning to a little bit of normalcy.

Thank you for understanding and working with us.

Bob Chatt, ASMIC President

September 9-11, 2021

Crown Complex Expo Center FAYETTEVILLE, NC

On behalf of the ASMIC Convention committee and all ASMIC officers , you are invited to attend the 2021 ASMIC Military Show and Convention.